A Leaf and Pebble (The Learner Trilogy Book 1)

Leaf and Pebble

Two friends. A few airships. One shadowy group. A phenomenal ride through a new world rich in action and adventure. In a land of elemental magic and Learner Skill, a gripping tale of two friends who narrowly avoid death while attending the school under the mountain takes place. As both are forced to flee before…

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True to Myself: Peace, Love, Marni

True To Myself

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Marni Goldman has lived a life. The daughter of a single, glamorous but drug-addicted mother, Marni married the first time for money (as she’d been instructed to do by her family) and the second time for love. She went on to use her “mama’s gut – a badass gut”…

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Carried Away (Baby, I Do Book 2)

Carried Away 1

For Arnold Sanders all he wanted to do when he relocated to this new town was to start a new life with his son Thomas as well as build up his auto-mechanic workshop to enviable heights.All he needs right now is to remain focused and continue to work hard.But such lofty dreams cannot easily be…

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