Reggie Vinson’s Biography, “Still Got a Song in Me”

Still Got A Song In Me

Reggie Vinson, a man born with music in his heart.  The man has led a spontaneous career for more than 3 decades, and he wants to share his life experience with a newer generation. Unfortunately, it’s not common knowledge that Reggie is a Popular hit maker who has been active in the entertainment industry since…

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Chaos Theory: The Biker Variable

Chaos Theory

A brutal, casual killer, for Mason Metcalf, vice president of the Knights of Chaos, there is no deed too iniquitous, no sacrifice too great for the advancement of his club. After a drug deal goes badly wrong, like the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks, they pull a small and frantic redhead out of…

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Tips for Choosing the Best Site for IELTS Preparation


Are you searching for the best website to prepare for IELTS test? Don’t know where to study IELTS (เรียน sat ที่ไหน ดี, which is the term in Thai)? No fuss, we have got you covered. In this article, we are going to let you know how you can find the best online site for IELTS…

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