MindStir Media Self-Publishing: Detailed REVIEW 2022


Writing a book can be an extremely daunting task – one that many ambitious people set out to do but give up on. You might have started a book but failed or given up before reaching the end. Writing a book is hard. Self-publishing it is harder. And promotion? That might be the hardest thing of all. But what about marketing your book? Who is going to do that for you? That’s where MindStir Media comes in. Their successful self-publishing books have helped thousands of people put ideas into words and get their message out there. If you want your…

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Mini MBA in Entrepreneurship by Hussain AlMeraj


Build your billion-dollar company from the ground up and live your entrepreneurial dreams with this guide! Are you ready to venture into entrepreneurship? Not sure where to start? This handbook offers all the information you need to get started and launch that great idea you’ve been visualizing. This information—compiled from multiple professionals and industry experts—can’t be found in any other how-to manual. With one-of-a-kind research, powerful tools, and a perspective of successful professionals, you can’t afford to miss this book if you’re serious about your entrepreneurial goals. You’ll learn: Secret Tools to Generate Promising Start-ups Venture Ideas You can Build…

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Mom, Dad; What About Me?! By Arlayn M. Ladson-Castle JD


Mom, Dad; What About Me?! is a valuable resource for parents who are not living together and have a minor child or children. It provides guidance and tips on how to keep the communication lines open between both parents and how to make decisions that are in the best interest of their child. Written by Arlayn M. Ladson-Castle JD, the book is intended for parents who need help managing the conflicting emotions that come with divorce and separation. The author helps parents learn how to set boundaries and communicate effectively with each other in order to avoid harmful conflict. The…

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The Deep: A tale beyond the waves

The Deep

Stanley is going through the motions of life, endlessly seeking employment in the pages of the daily newspaper and frequently coming up short. When he receives a call from his friend, Mrs Anderson, a widow whose only son is giving her cause for concern he thinks the young man is just looking for some space away from his interfering mother. Stanley’s initial scepticism soon gives way to fears that Mrs Anderson was right about Jason when he witnesses him being kidnapped. Trying to save him, Stanley is also taken by the group and finds himself and Jason far out to…

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Crush by Jitka Moody


I’m Katty. A woman in her late thirties struggling with the weight loss concept, but the truth is, I love my body. Not when looking at the mirror, but when looking into the eyes a handsome man pleased by what he sees when looking at me. My sister Candy is the typical beauty, but mostly I got the boys’ attention. My family sucks. Sometimes I feel like my life sucks, and there is one place I go to relax. It’s a black house, just like my old toy house, and in my eyes, it’s full of dark secrets. One day…

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Let’s Kidnap Me (Kindle Edition) by Kyle Guillou


Reading books is a pleasant way to spend your free time. But some books are boring, others are too long, and there is always a danger of falling asleep before you reach the end. This won’t happen with Let’s Kidnap Me. If you’re looking for something to alleviate your boredom, then Let’s Kidnap Me is an interesting read. This book is filled with twists to make you want to curl up in bed with a cup of tea and forget about the day’s fatigue. Let’s Kidnap Me is now available to buy on Amazon in Kindle Edition. Let’s Kidnap Me…

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Kronos Online Kindle Edition By Mitchell Nelson Now Available on Amazon


You are looking for a good sci-fi book to read, but you don’t know where to start. Kronos Online is a perfect starting point if you want to get into the genre. It’s not too long, it has interesting characters and an engaging plot that will keep you up late at night turning pages. The author does a great job of balancing action with world-building so the story never feels bogged down in exposition or backstory. This is one of those books that’s hard to put down once you’ve started because there’s just enough going on that each chapter ends…

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Floating Underwater


Part psychological fiction and part mystical fiction with a dash of magical realism, Floating Underwater follows a woman’s astonishing journey through the extraordinary and, ultimately, to her own self-actualization and power. Fearful that her lifelong premonitions not only predict the future but can also change its very course, Paloma Leary is devastated when her latest vision foretelling a third miscarriage comes true. Falling into a mystifying world of increasingly bizarre phenomena, including a psychic connection with her mysterious neighbor, out-of-body experiences, and visits from her long-dead mother, Paloma grows desperate for answers. She is also desperate to start a family….

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Rich Charming Sexy Goddess: Rich, Charming, Sexy Goddess – Find Love AND Keep The Relationship – Dating Self Help Book For Women


Awaken The Seductive Goddess Within And Never Go Chasing After Men Again Dear Radiant Goddess, I’m SO thrilled that you’ve discovered my ultimate love manifesto. As a lifelong hopeless romantic, I’ve seen firsthand how having all the wrong dating advice can reduce even the most breathtaking women to a needy, desperate shell of themselves. If that sounds like you, listen up… NO woman should ever be treated as anything less than a sexy, radiant Goddess with the power of the Universe at her fingertips. That’s why my guidebook was created using real practical tools that you can wield to unleash…

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year is 1980 in a sleepy New England town. A series of devastating murders threaten the community. A serial killer has begun a deadly game of catch-me-if-you-can with local police, who have dubbed the carnage, “The Mommy Murders.” Frightened residents believe the hospital psychiatric unit is somehow to blame. Nurses disagree. Can the killer be stopped? Get eBook Now Product Details Author : A.G. Russo ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09GYQBSZZ Publisher ‏ : ‎ Red Skye Press (September 22, 2021) Publication date ‏ : ‎ September 22, 2021 Language ‏ : ‎ English File size ‏ : ‎ 817 KB…

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